Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Get Loco

Just a quick shout out, though not entirely food related. a freiend of mine who runs Burlington Night Out (dot com) called me up recently. So I went with her to a burrito and beer tasting, called 'Pairing is Caring' at Boloco in Burlington, VT. The burritos were paired up with beers from Magic Hat and it was a great event. You have to try 'Hex' from Magic Hat. Trust me.

Good news for all you foodies is, I met a lady Nicole there who is going to be putting together another event soon in the BTV area for foodies. Get out your napkins and favorite utensils. I'll let you know more as it develops!

Oh, and here's a pic of my eats. Sorry - it was dim and I still (I know) haven't upgraded my phone.