Thursday, April 23, 2009

Free always tatses best!

Hello friends, as I continue to plan out the next installments of desserts I'm reviewing (ie, I'm waiting on the nice commission check that I've been working on so I can actualy go out and buy all these things) I've started receiving all those nice emails from friends about the free events going on around town. So here goes:

Healthy Living is having a free Wine Tasting tomorrow April 24th from 2-6pm. Just stop in, try some wine and toss around your best sommelier terms with Thomas Houseman - he's a winemaker for Anne Amie Vineyards, located in the rolling hills of Oregon’s verdant Willamette Valley. Healthy Living will be previewing some of thespectacular wines to be featured at NECI's Winemaker Dinner on Saturday, April 25th.

Now for the really good news! Lake Champlain Chocolates is having a tasting this Saturday, April 25, at Lake Champlain Chocolate's 750 Pine Street Store & Cafe in Burlington. As Seven Days tells me - "The tasting will include a discussion of how chocolate is made, the differences between chocolates, desirable qualities of chocolate, and the six steps of tasting chocolate. Yummy!! Click here for a coupon for a free ice cream, good at any LCC retail store."

So who among you can argue with freebies, especially when it's Wine and Chocolate? Anyone?

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