Friday, September 5, 2008

Finally - our winner - Juniors Cannoli!

Ladies and gentlemen - our winner!

Yes, it's the Cannoli from The Bakery at Juniors in Colchester, VT. This was the hands down high vote (received some 'offline' votes for this in addition to the votes online.)

That picture is what they look like, snagged right from Juniors website. Here's the picture from my cellphone of what I actually picked up.

Something very cool - they fill them to order. They have a display case with plastic clam shells you can grab and bring to the counter, so you get just the shell you want - then they go in back and fill it for you right there. Very cool - I've only ever seen these in some of the other small markets in the area pre-filled. My bet, it's going to be better having been filled just moments ago. Of course, people in more metropolitan areas think this is how they're always served, heck - a co-worker of mine informed me he used to go to a place where you could have parties and get unfilled cannolis shells/tubes and fill them yourself. Not always the case out here in the Boondocks.

So the look of this is great, though I will admit - I've never been a big fan of Cannoli. I like the name, I like the look - but something altogether about the taste never won me over. However, I think it's partially because I had something that was assembled long before, and not fresh like this. Also - it reminds me of a candle burning at both ends.

See the similarity:

However, this was much tastier than others I have eaten. The ricotta was definitely nicely blended, with mini chocolate chips scattered throughout. Now - I normally prefer shaved chocolate, but this is good. There's a taste of lemon to the filling and Cinnamon to the shell. The powdered sugar was, surprisingly, a bit much. A quick 'tap-tap' took care of some of the excess. I have to say, if you are at all a fan on Cannoli - then go to Italy, or New York City and grab yourself one. If however, you are in Vermont and don't have the time or money - go to Juniors Italian in Colchester, VT. As much as I , a certified Cannoli non-connoisseur, liked these - they're sure to please the Cannoli lover in you.

Oh, and if you do go - the 'Meat lovers' pizza is the bomb! Great crust, loaded with amazing meats, and it's perfectly offset by a slice of tomoato basil pizza too. Just be prepared.. if you eat two slices, that means you will be very full when it's time to eat dessert. Or, eat the dessert first - it's always a way to insure you're not too full!

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