Friday, October 24, 2008

Another trip to Paradise-burgh

OK, So maybe Ferrisburg doesn't meet the requirements for Paradise. It does, however, meet many of the requirements of my tummy. Yesterday I had to go film some footage in Ferrisburg, so I had to stop in again at one of my favorite haunts - The Ferrisburg Trading Company.

From Dishing on Desserts

While I was there I picked up a Peanut Butter Bar. Let me just say that there may need to be more words in the description of this dessert as it just doesn't seem to describe it. I picked one up, and a nice jug of milk too!

This dessert was *HEAVY*, and I mean heavy. It weighed more than the 16 ounce milk I grabbed to go with it. Not surprising since there was at least 1/4" - 1/2" of solid chocolate on the top. The same Chocolate they use for their eclairs, and perhaps Chocolate Chunks. Tasty. I believe, though I can't be sure, that there was some sort of puffed rice in the PB mixture. There was something that was grain-like, more so than the PB could, or should, have been itself. The texture was good. Very Pea-nutty, not fake, so I'm assuming they use a good natural PB, and not something that's full of Hydrogenated lipids and flavor enhancers. Some of those don't tolerate the heat well and the Goober Peas are so finely ground that they have no texture. Honestly - one of the Peanut Butters I used to use was the 'Government Surplus' Peanut Butter a relative used to give me.

This, however, kicked my butt. Yep - I couldn't finish it in one sitting. If you get one of these - I suggest you prepare to eat it in shifts, split it with friends, or prepare to be sick if you eat it all. As I mentioned, it's heavy. When I got into the car, it leaned over. I actually split it up into 4 smaller snacks. The picture of it is after 2, I did put those nice teeth marks in there - just because. This truly was something that was just a comfort kind of dessert. I'm wishing I had tried the Pumpkin Bars they had - but maybe next time I go I'll try those. I need to go take a nap now.

Happy Dessert!

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