Saturday, October 11, 2008

Klingers again?

Yep, it's true - but once again - this one came to me. Got to thank AM's family for coming in to visit him and, surprise, bringing in a huge box o' cookies from Klingers with them.

So here's what I picked out of the box, filled chockablock with sugar cookies, chocolate chip cookies and more.

This cookie had some surprises. First, It looked like it was a chocolate cookie with white chocolate chips. It wasn't. Second, it looked like there were chocolate chips scattered through it. They weren't. And third, well - third was just that it had all these great tastes and aromas going on that just were a great surprise.

So the first surprise - they weren't pieces of white chocolate, nope, they were pieces of maple candy. That's right - our own state favorite of Maple Syrup in its crystallized candy like form. Yum! The second surprise were those pieces I initially thought were chocolate chips. They were dried cranberries. Now I know - you're wondering how I could make that mistake - all I can say is they were in a box and I just reached in and picked it fairly quickly - snapped off a shot or two with the camera and sat down to nibble - all while talking to my boss, who was behind me in line wondering why I was taking longer than I needed to by taking pictures of cookies. How odd, right? The third surprise, well - nothing I could nail down exactly. It tasted of mulling spices. I couldn't tell if it was just an aroma, or if it was in the taste. The cranberries and maple syrup just excited me so much that when I forgot about them and decided I better look for the other tastes... well at that point I was nearly done. I could smell them the entire time, but just am not sure if they were kept near them or if there were some subtle flavorings hidden in this cookie. Either way - get there. Go get a cookie. Why are you still there? Go, go.. shoo!

Oh, for those who are eating while they're sitting there, and don't need to leave to get a cookie - you're in for a possible surprise. I know I was. Apparently the Burlington Free Press is going to do a story and might actually mention your humble blog/blogger in it. Yep, I run with an interesting crowd at the full time job, and someone decided it might just be newsworthy.

My camera is misbehaving, as a result pics are delayed, but coming shortly!

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