Thursday, October 30, 2008

A sad day for cookies, unless you eat them in bed.

I can't believe it. Two desserts in a row. There's got to be something wrong with the alignment of the stars. OK, maybe it's just that I made two poor choices in a row, but today's dessert left me a bit less than satisfied.

Our dessert today is a cookie from the Woodstock Cookie Company in Woodstock, Vermont. A beautiful and quaint New England town. A little snippet about Woodstock Cookie Company from their 'Our History' page reads, "About eight years ago in the small quintessential town of Woodstock, Vermont, Woodstock Cookie Company started its quest for the ultimate big, soft cookie. And our signature cookies are definitely soft — the kind that enter the wrapper soft and stay that way until the last bite." So, while out on a trek with my Cookie Monster friend, Rabid, here's what I grabbed:

Was it the best cookie I've ever had? No. Was it the worst? Again, no. Did it fall off somewhere in the middle? If by middle you mean toward the bottom - then yes. Sad to say it, but for a Peanut Butter Cookie - this didn't have much Peanut Buttery Flavor. Rabid wasn't quite so gentle in his assessment of the cookie and exclaimed, "This cookie sucks!" I actually believe he almost threw his out the window and had some other comments about how his wife isn't a good baker, but her cookies are better. While I can't asses her baking ability, I'm definitely in agreement that the cookie wasn't spectacular, or even approaching it. The chocolate chips were very good. I believe two ingredients were seriously lacking in the cookie. The first was peanut butter, and the second was salt. Now this could have been an off batch, but based on this cookie- I wouldn't call these "the best soft cookies in New England" as Woodstock Cookie Company is so fast to claim. In fact, I've honestly had better off the shelf at a grocery store. Now, that being said - I'm willing to accept this may have been an off batch for the company, or maybe it was old. However, it certainly doesn't seem like age was a factor as the cookie date on this was 11/07/08 - meaning it was good for another week. I can't imagine that these cookies had been there long since no preservatives are listed in the ingredients.

So I'm not happy with yet another dessert. Though, as I just learned from RC, it may be because I'm not eating my cookies in bed. Apparently they taste much better that way. While I'm not going to take another chance, just yet, with a Woodstock Cookie Company product, I may have to grab one of those delightful Pepperidge Farm Mint Milano Cookies. Alas RC didn't mention which kind of cookies she was eating - though she tells me she's a great baker of such things. I do know she knows her fashion, and you can read all about the latest fashions at her workplace by going here and finding out all about their fashions at April Cornell. I have to say - the lovely lady who welcomed me (when I recently visited the website) in her nice walking sweater certainly does represent the April Cornell image nicely. Oh - also should provide a link to April Cornell's blog - April's Musings. for some reason I'm having trouble linking directly - so I'm linking to the directory for October 2008.

On to the next dessert. Oh - the poll is almost closed, limited time left to vote!

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