Sunday, November 2, 2008

Helping celebrate a Happy 15th...

It's 15th anniversary of a co-worker. Congrats RedHed! So how to celebrate? With cake of course. Today's dessert comes from Price Chopper. Hey - it was the 15th Anniversary - so nothing was held back for this celebration. There were even Plastic Spider rings.. though those may have been there because it was also Halloween, but I digress.

So today's dessert, Raspberry Filled Chocolate Chocolate Cake - looks like this...

I was pretty excited - partially because I had raspberries on the brain. Yesterday I was watching 'Americas Test Kitchen' where I get a lot of good, no GREAT, recipes from. I happen to like the product testing, like knives, as well. However they were making a wonderful raspberry dessert - Raspberry Chiffon Pie - one off their Exclusive 'top ten' list in fact. So yeah, raspberries on the brain. So how could I not partake in this? It was a Chocolate Cake with a layer of Raspberry Filling and topped with a solid chocolate layer. Yum! Well, close to it anyway.

The big word I would attach to this cake is 'rubbery'. Yep, everything kind of sprang back at me or my fork when I was partaking of it. The chocolate topping was pretty darn good, though it had that taste of fatty fakeness to it, but it went well with my coffee for sure. The frosting wasn't that bad - it's one of the areas store bought cakes have really improved in recent years. I used to just scrape most of it off, but I ate most of this. Oh, and there were also chocolate shavings embedded in the back of this - so kudos for that. This tasted better then the hard layer of chocolate. This layer, by the way, made the cake break apart a bit. If the cake was cold, I'm sure this would have been even more difficult for the cake staying together. A good tasting idea, but not a good idea in practice as I lost about half of the filling breaking through the top layer.

So this is a passable dessert, though definitely room for improvement. I'm very much looking forward to picking up the winner of the poll to the left, which at last count was Carrot Cake from the Chef's Corner in Williston Vermont. Can't wait!

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