Monday, November 10, 2008

Early one morning...(edit... broken promises)

So this morning I decided to stop in at Klingers for a Coffee and Croissant on the way to work, and guess what I learned? They're having Cake Tastings every weekday from 12-2, apparently until the end of this month! I couldn't believe it. Guess where you'll find me during my lunch hour today? You bet, I'll be at Klingers trying out some of the cakes they're offering for the holidays.

(EDIT)So I went to Klingers to try the cake tasting and there was no cake out. I stayed and waited for as long as I could, but no cake was brought out for the tasting. Very poor performance Klingers, very poor indeed.(EDIT)

Also, Just wanted to alert everyone that the last poll winner, the Chef's Corner, will be reviewed this week. I'm hoping to pick up the Cake Tuesday to be followed by a review on Wednesday. I had hoped to pick it up this weekend, but it was a busy weekend - with work, Pre-Thanksgiving parties and even some friends over for homemade pizza. Thankfully the pizza came out OK as I only had unbleached pastry flour, or I should say I thought I only had that. I discovered the 'all purpose flour' later that night. How it ended up underneath the couple bags of Ghirardelli Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips is beyond me.

I also realized my oven decided to start cooking about 50ยบ lower than it should be. Thankfully I have my nice thermometer hanging in there to tell me, and cranked it up a bit to get it up to the right temp. Glad I checked, as I plan to cook a pie of my own very soon. I may also have to make my own Carrot Cake as I was informed about a great recipe using Maple Syrup in the frosting that can be found in Dishing Up Vermont a great book, so I'm told, by Tracy Medeiros who is, apparently, practically my neighbor. Here's a nice pic of her book:

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