Saturday, November 15, 2008

Finally - Carrot Cake from Chef's Corner!

So broken down cars and flu be damned! I got it, I finally got it. I went in on Saturday to the Chef's Corner and picked up a Carrot Cake. Now when I called on Friday to ask one be held for me they seemed to think I didn't need to hold one. Seems they always have at least a few on hand. But They did hold it, and good thing. When I went in on Saturday - the Carrot Cake Section of the cooler was empty.

But finally.. There is was..

My lovely Carrot Cake. It was all mine.. OK, I might share some with M, but otherwise mine, all mine!

So this was a hefty cake, it was only a 6" cake, but it felt like it weighed about twice what I expected. This was the first sign that it would be tasty. The second was the great smell that came wafting up from the box. It smelled tangy, spicy and just plain yummy. Like coming home or something ridiculously comfort food like that.

So I cut myself off a slice and dug in. Very good texture to this, it held up nicely, wasn't rubbery in any shape or form and it was moist enough that if some pieces crumbled off - they could easily be gathered by pressing the fork gently on top of them.

The frosting was very, very good. It was a bit tangy, but not just from a cream cheese taste, it was.. a bit citrus. I couldn't find any zest of lemon or orange, but it sure tasted like some was in there. There were walnut pieces in the mix too, but no pineapple. It's no love lost there as I'm not a huge fan of pineapple in general, fault my brother in Hawaii and the fresh ones he sends up for that, but it is acceptable in carrot cake. Never on a pizza though - just my own opinion, results may vary.

The bonus were the little carrots on top, they were done in a more traditional frosting, just a nice sweet blast of light and fluffy as the carrot cake frosting was a bit thicker and heavier, as it should be, to hold together on the carrot cake. This really is a great Carrot Cake, a classic version that is the bar against which other Carrot Cakes should, and probably will, be weighed. That and it gives me an excuse to keep tasting this cake every time I get another carrot cake. So bully for me - a carrot cake bonus!

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