Monday, November 24, 2008

Yep, last night I cooked my own dessert. Well I helped anyway.

That's right, recently I've been turning on my oven, placing things in there and rediscovering this whole thing called cooking. Last night, I expanded that into baking. Well, I wasn't alone in my cookie caper - M helped me out. I should say I helped her out - gave her tips as we went along. So what was the inspiration? Well, on my recent trip to Lake Champlain Chocolates, I won a couple things. I believe the prize pack may have been padded by the time I picked it up. Apparently it pays off to know the lovely Leann, who happens to be the resident blogger for LCC.

So here's the whole lot of booty (minus the Old World Hot Chocolate Leann got for me when I picked it up) in my lovely 'thanksgiving' bowl that I never seem to put anything in - until now!

So once I realized we had all the ingredients, we're off! Here's a closer look at the book '101 Things To Do With Chocolate' by Stephanie Ashcraft and all the 'wet' ingredients started as well.

Now M's go the dry ingredients all mixed together. She missed the bowl with some of them, but it's not home cooking if you don't make a little mess, right?

Let's combine the two.. this required dad's intervention after the first few scoops were introduced. The good news is, we're almost there! Just in time as dad's arm is getting tired, and Baby D is in the sling, trying to reach for the cookie dough too!

And (with a preheated oven ready to go) we're scooping them onto pan 1 of 2... we decided to skip the tiny teaspoon scoops and go full bore with a tablespoon.

Lookout - incoming hot stuff! The smell of these was deeeeelicious!

OK, I can't take any credit for these, but I don't feel I can give my normal review. Even though it was not my recipe, and my daughter made them, I did help. So there's a slight chance that my review could be seen as slanted, or biased in some way. Regardless, if you want to - keep on reading.

These were freaking amazing. What a party of chocolate chip cookies that was invited to my mouth. I am so making these again! We didn't have enough butter to make these the way I wanted, but they give you the butter/margarine/shortening options in the recipe. I chose to use half butter and half shortening to split the difference. I brought these into work to share a few and they were well received. Definitely a better than classic cookie. I will tell you , at the size we made them - they were almost too big. There's just so much great chocolate in these. Slightly crisp on the outside, nice and chewy insides. Just the way I love them!

I'm definitely making some of the other recipes in the book as well. I'll let you know how they turn out!


Leann - Lake Champlain Chocolates said...

Hey! Where's mine?! :-) Glad you liked your winnings. For those thinking the fix is in, I purposely had my co-workers pick the names so no one could blame me of rigging the contest. Now if I could only get my hands on some of those cookies made with Lake Champlain Chocolate Chips. Mmmm!!!

Dessert Dude said...

I will definitely get a cookie to you. As you can see - Miss M made them about 3 times bigger than the recipe said. They are chock-a-block full of chocolate chips!