Friday, November 7, 2008

My God it's full of Pies! (and Election night treats too)

I have plans tonight. Oh yes, yes I do. Tonight I will make my way to Healthy Living where there is a Pie Tasting! Here's the excerpt from the Healthy Living website:

NOVEMBER 7th 2008

Our Café makes some fabulous pies for
Thanksgiving. Come sample some of our favorites at our FIRST ANNUAL PIE TASTING on NOVEMBER 7th from 5-7pm! Drink coffee, sip cider, or indulge in a cup of hot chocolate — all while tasting some of our delicious PIES! Order yours today! Classic Apple, Perfect Pumpkin, Wild Blueberry and our amazing Gluten-Free Pumpkin"

So yes, you know where you can find me. I'll be on Dorset Street in South Burlington swimming in Pies. Thanks to Shannon for making sure I was in the know! Hopefully I'll see some of you there too!

As to something I tasted a few days ago - I have to back track to Election night! I was working late at my day job, making sure I did my part to get the word out when Barack.. err I mean in case Barack won. Ok - he did, we all know it. I think it's safe to say I was confident he would win, though it's still somewhat surprising that it was by as wide a margin as it was. My employer was very kind and treated us to Juniors Italian dishes and desserts, and later even called in some Leonardo's Pizza for the troops. However, as delicious as they were, I'm only here to talk about the dessert!

There were many to choose from, and I did choose many. However as I was working, it was tricky to take pictures of them all.

They were quite delicious. Interestingly enough - there was a flavor of Almond extract and nutmeg to two of the three I had. I didn't mind, they were tasty and delicious!

The first Cookie had a heavy dusting of powdered sugar sprinkled across the top, and a nice little chocolate chunk nestled in it. It was a bit cakey, seemed to pick up some of the almond flavor from its neighbors and had something like nutmeg about it. I didn't get the chance to savor it as phones began ringing and I had to run, so into the mouth it went, and off to my desk I did go.

The second one I had is picture less, unfortunately. It was chockablock full of almond slivers, perhaps even Marzipan, for such a tiny little treat. Though it was very sugary, it was not sickly sweet. Were it bigger then that may have been a problem, but it was the right size for what it was. The top of it was a sugar glaze, and that's likely where much of the sweetness came from. This dessert was actually tricky to eat as it was less solid than fluid and stuck to the mini waxed paper cup that held it a bit. Certainly not anything to be held against it.

Onto our third. A lovely twist on the Italian Flag cookie. Nice little stack of cakes in fun colors, jam between the cake layers and topped with chocolate, and the sweet green almond sugar on the bottom. I almost thought it should be Red white and Blue on the bottom as this was Election day, even though this is a traditional Italian dessert and so it's the Red white and green colors of Italy's flag. I actually think I liked this one the best. The presentation, the colors, the balance of flavor, and the chocolate on top - it all seemed to work well. Thanks to my employer for the supply, and Juniors for the baking!


Mama to a diva said...

Here I thought you were dutifully taking vote tallies, and you were over there snapping cookie pics! I am glad I could give you a heads up on the pie fiesta, hope it was tasty!

Dessert Dude said...

I was taking loads of phone calls, in between nibbles and pictures anyway! Thanks Again, and please feel free to let me know of any free dessert eating events!