Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Ahh the trusty ice cream sandwich...

We all know the ice cream sandwich. Some love it - it's like tossing a stick of dynamite into a gopher hole on a hot day. You know you're taking care of the issue. However, many ice cream sandwiches are not perfection. I'll delve into one of those today.
The two I'll be mentioning today are the version by Blue Bunny I picked up int he store today, and by Hannaford - a supermarket you'll find in New England. I happened to pick up a 12 pack of the latter to bring in to share with the boys and girls at work.. suffice it to say they never left the house.

First, the Blue Bunny. The packaging is bright and colorful and very festive. Kudos on presentation - it made me think I was unwrapping something special. When I unwrapped it though - which was a surprisingly difficult process, I wasn't ecstatic. The color of the ice cream was a bit yellow. Mildly disturbing, but not enough to keep me from eating. The ice cream melted very quickly - though it was solid when I picked it up at the store. I had a very small sandwich (which I dispatched of quickly) and yet in that short time - the consistency and texture of said ice cream was quite different. The chocolate wafer was very cake like - as my co-worker Rabid Dan described it - 'Devil doggish'. I think he's right on in that description. It also stuck to the wrapper from the instant I unwrapped it, and it stuck to my hands... to a surprising degree. I always expect it to come off on the hands, but not this much. There was also a 'funny' flavor to it, immediately and as an aftertaste. I couldn't nail it down to one of the other - but I definitely wasn't as happy with this one as I expected to be - and wished I had water to wash it down with afterward.

Now, on to the Hannaford brand. The presentation is seriously bland and a bit lacking of any pizazz. The bars each come in plain white paper wrappers. However, they opened very nicely - even after sitting out for about 5 minutes - the same time I estimate the Blue Bunny sat out. The texture and consistency were a bit softer, but not squishy. When I pulled at the wrapper, it easily came open. Only a trace of ice cream and a few spots of the wafer stuck to the wrapper. Quite a pleasant surprise. The ice cream was off white, and to my surprise, had no odd initial taste or aftertaste. The chocolate wafer was a bit less than stellar, but only came off on the fingers, and not falling apart. It wasn't cardboard like, but also wasn't too cake like. When I finished this one, I felt like I immediately wanted another. Quite a pleasant surprise. One of my friends (she shall remain nameless) actually ate four of them in a row. I admit, I did go back for a second after about 15 minutes. My only recommendation
The winner - absolutely - Hannafords. I know - I'm as shocked as the Blue Bunny people must be.

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