Thursday, August 28, 2008

Over the hump!

Wednesday was quite a busy day, but it looks like I'm over the hump... humpday that is. Now I have the weekend to look forward to - and it's a long weekend at that. Thanks Labor Day.

Oh, small hurdle has been crossed - I've jumped over 100 blog reads now, and hope to just keep that number rolling up and up. By the way - don't feel like you can't comment here. I love getting your emails, but some of them are asking for the same thing - and I'll happily answer those questions here. Plus, it doesn't hurt for your 'I love your blog' comment to live forever here! In other news, I should tell you that this is now a money making venture. You may have noticed areas in and around the stuff I type that can be clicked on. I can't ask you to click or not click in those areas - but someone who visited did, and now a shiny penny - that's right $0.01 - is soon to be mine! Think of all the desserts I can buy with it. Actually - I never really thought this would make a lot of money, I'm just hoping I can break even with my dessert habit. Some of you worry that I will gain weight with my dessert eating, but only one day since I've been doing this have I injested more than my normal intake of dessert. I truly love the stuff.

Today I have a dessert to review - only I didn't take a picture of it before I ate it. I kinda ate it without thinking. The picture above was found at someone's flickr site. So I grabbed this because, it's such a tradition to get some at the fair, and I didn't even think about it until it was gone. Is it a dessert? I'm not sure... I guess you would call it a sweet snack more than a dessert - but I hope you won't judge me for posting it. I went the the Champlain Valley Fair and, in fact, the only thing I had while I was there was Maple Cotton Candy. I'll of course go back for some fried dough, kettle corn and more - but today it was all the Maple Cotton Candy. Now, if you're not from the Northeast - you might not even be aware that you can make Maple Syrup into cotton candy - but it is so tasty, light and fluffy - it's hands down the winner over the sugary dyed stuff you would normally eat. As much as anything that tastes somewhat like a cloud can be tasty and delicious - Maple Cotton Candy is. So if you are ever at one of the fairs in Vermont, look for a wooden building that says 'Sugar Shack' and there you will find a wonderful assortment of maple goodness - from the syrup itself to maple glazed doughnuts, the cotton candy I mentioned, maple ice cream and more. Do yourself a favor - do not pass go, do not collect $200 - just get there and eat it.

Oh - and if you ever find yourself with a delicious tasty food that you've got to share - make sure you post it on Tastespotting I have literally spent hours there. Oh, and just like when you go grocery shopping - make sure you go tastespotting on an empty stomach. Lesson learned.

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Anonymous said...

I LOVE MAPLE COTTON CANDY. Your blog is making my tummy rumble! -J