Sunday, August 31, 2008

Oh Madeleine...

A sad day it was yesterday as we officially got together to wish our good friend Gooch farewell. Today he's selling off his last remaining wares to gather up more gas money and negate a need for storage. However, the bash to celebrate his search for fortune and fame, or at least have a good brush with it, went well.

Even better the food was amazing - from the bourbon and brown sugar marinated beef, to empress rolls and the simple tomato, basil and fresh mozzarella with balsamic reduction - it was a taste sensation. I can't name off all the food because, frankly, there was too much!

At the end of the meal, however, a drive by feeding occurred as someone was breaking apart these tender little morsels and stuffing them into the mouths of people. They were tasty enough that it was apparently suddenly necessary for these to be dispensed immediately.

'They' being Madeleines, petit french cakes - it says right there on the label - so it must be true. No - these aren't the singer Madeleine.. though she's a tasty little cake herself.

This sweet buttery and vanilla taste just filled my mouth instantly from this little morsel, and I wanted more. Turns out, it was a package of Madeleines. Now, the packaging aside (which looked a bit Costco-ish) they tasted just delicious. One of the great things about french desserts, is they make no bones about using fat for flavor. This was no exception, the buttery goodness was from actual butter, a heap of vanilla and they were sweet.

Yes... tasty little cakes they were. Now, could you get something more gourmet? Yes. Could you get something with a better texture? Very likely as, though these were very good, there was a slightly rubbery feel to them. I think they would have bounced, except they were to good to toss on the floor, and they were disappearing quickly when I found them. Did it detract from the taste? Hardly at all. These were a bargain dessert, I'm sure. If you know where these came from, please feel free to tell me as I'd like to find them myself. Just a good finger food dessert to have on hand when you have company coming - and have no intention of cooking.

Even The Baby Under the Bed came out - hoping to get a taste of the Madeleines. The Baby under the bed usually only comes out in search of toes to nibble on, or to behead small dolls left alone on the floor. Now, if she came out for these, you know they just have to be good.


razmarie said...

Well, yes, okay they were cheap. And Proust would certainly not written his famous tome if he had tasted one of these, but I was on a budget and needed sweets for the sweet!

Dessert Dude said...

Let's say inexpensive, or 'great bang for the buck' - as they definitely were a tasty treat!