Friday, August 29, 2008

The Oreo Cakester

Ok, the Poll is closed, however - I wasn't able to make it to pick up the winner today. I did happen to see another product that was supposed to be reviewed when I was out for a work project. So I picked up the Oreo Cakester.

To call this an Oreo seems a bit strange. To call it an 'Oreo on Steroids', or 'Don't Make Oreo Angry or it turn into Hulking Cakester' would be better. Here's the Cakester.

This box was heavy.

It says it's 12 ounces, it felt like two pounds. I suppose it does have 12 of these bad boys in it. It also says 'New' in bright friendly colors there. I hadn't heard of it until Jess submitted it for review. She's a big fan apparently. This isn't exactly a dessert though - again falling more into the snack category. In fairness, if you're in 8th grade and want something to follow your lunch (like my oldest daughter is sure to request) then it is a dessert. The size of these is much smaller than I actually thought it would be - in fact slightly smaller than the picture on the package, and much more black than the warm brown of the box. It's basically a small package of whoopie pies. Really - that's it.

It's good, but not as good as Aunt Martha's. No... hers were to die for. If Aunt Martha called to tell you she just made a batch - you would drive through fire to get them, and you would be handsomely rewarded as she would make enough to feed a small army - and expected you to distribute them to all the kin when you picked them up. She knew that a few extra would land in your lap for this service, no one seemed to mind.

So final word - I would have liked more of a brownie taste to the cake. It's kind of not what I hoped for. It's also really evident that there's a lot of sugar in this - 23 grams of it in fact. That's what, almost six teaspoons? This is basically a sugar kick in the pants, disguised as a light and fluffy supersized oreo cookie. It is kind of tasty - but my advice, stick with the Oreos and the glass of milk. There's something about the Cakester that reminds me of Oreos, but I think I prefer the real deal. Now - I need to go run around the building and shake off this sugar rush!


jess said...

of course you wanted it to be more like a brownie! but it's like an oreo whoopie pie instead, and that's the best description i can give, aside to delicious.

Dessert Dude said...

Aside from the sugar rush - I would eat them again - so maybe on a full belly. It did make me miss my Aunth Martha's whoopie pies - that could be a good or bad thing.