Sunday, August 24, 2008

Plan your dessert calendar now...

More reviews to come... however, I found this calendar in a ghost group "Yes I eat Dessert first..." on Facebook and had to post it. I say that because it appears it's been quite some time since anyone has posted there. Anyway - here's the Calendar. Now, if you're ever in doubt, you always know which dessert to eat:

The Calendar according to desserts:

National Dessert Month--October 1-31
National Dessert Day--October 14
National Pie Day--January 23
National Pie Day--December 1
National Pecan Pie Day--July 12
National Raspberry Cream Pie Day--August 1
National Pumpkin Pie Day--December 25
National Cheesecake Day--July 30
National Pastry Day--December 9
National Applesauce Cake Day--June 6
National Spongecake Day--August 23
National Angel Food Cake Day--October 10
National Lemon Cupcake Day--December 15
National Fruitcake Day--December 27
National Sacher Torte Day--December 5
National Blonde Brownie Day--January 22
National Macaroon Day--May 31
National Sugar Cookie Day--July 9
National Apple Dumpling Day--September 17
National Plum Pudding Day--February 12
National Tapioca Pudding Day--July 15
National Indian Pudding Day--November 13
National Butterscotch Pudding Day--September 19

Ice Cream
National Ice Cream Month--July 1-31
National Ice Cream Day--July 18
Creative Ice Cream Flavor Day--July 1
National Ice Cream and Violins Day--December 13
National Vanilla Ice Cream Day--July 23
National Peach Ice Cream Day--July 17
National Rocky Road Day--June 2
National Spumoni Day--August 21
National Ice Cream Soda Day--June 20
National Ice Cream Soda Day--August 2
National Strawberry Sundae Day--July 7
National Ice Cream Sandwich Day--August 2
National Parfait Day--November 25
National Frappe Day--October 7
National Creamsicle Day--August 14

Junk Food
National Snack Food Month--February 1-28
National Potato Chip Day--March 14
National Chip and Dip Day--March 23
National Cornchip Day--January 29
National Tortilla Chip Day--February 24
National Pretzel Day--April 26
National Pretzel Month--October 1-31
National Trail Mix Day-- August 31
National Cheeseball Day--April 17
National Popcorn Poppin' Month--October 1-31
National Popcorn Day--January 19
National Popcorn Day--January 31
National Donut Day--1st Weekend in June
National Cream-filled Donut Day--September 14
National Buttercrunch Day--January 20
National Gumdrop Day--February 15
National Candy Corn Day--October 30
National Jelly Bean Day--April 22
National Cherry Popsicle Day--August 26
National Cotton Candy Day--December 7
National Toasted Marshmallow Day--August 30

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