Wednesday, August 20, 2008

What a crazy good cookie!

So I'm a new dad, not nearly as much energy as I used to have when my 13 year old was born, but it's still good. These days, I'm back on the radio as a DJ - though 'Talent' is such a better term, right? I mean - it's not just about pushing buttons, it's about captivating an audience by juggling around the right words, making sure people hang on and want to hear what's coming up. Too many DJ's are, in my opinion, just blowing hot air, loving to hear themselves talk, and honestly only doing it so they can say, 'I'm on the radio - I'm kind of a big deal.' Yeah, I know - you see what I did there, I put together one of my thoughts with a movie quote. That's the kind of magic I do on the radio. And you may have thought it was just here.

So why is this here, why are you reading this? After realizing I needed a theme for this blog. I began thinking I should be talking about yummy treats to eat. Desserts - anywhere from Ice Cream sandwiches, cookies and cupcakes to the more sophisticated, but commonly available, like tiramisu, mousse, tortes and tarts. Why? Well, I love food - especially desserts. If my teeth will eventually fall out anyway, I might as well enjoy myself along the way.

This is what I ate today...

This wonderful confection is more than just a chocolate chip cookie - and was made by 'Sweet Science' and consists of an amazing gourmet chocolate that has been broken up into small chunks, about the size of a semi sweet chip, pistachios that have been chopped into small pieces and candied, and (of course) top shelf flour, eggs, etc. Unlike many cookies that are dry to the core, unless you stumble upon a few chips in a row, this was crisp on the outside, tender on the inside and had these wonderful chewy tidbits scattered throughout with a nice nutty/sweet taste. Truly an amazing treat for me this morning. With cookies, so many people tend to be spartan with the extras, or they go overboard forcing your mouth to run an obstacle course, and making cookie consumption an athletic event. Thankfully that error was not visited here.

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